Gunderson Cottage development submitted to the City of Puyallup

Azure Green Consultants, LLC and Austin Cina Architects, P.S. submitted a preliminary plat for a Pilot Cottage Development and Demonstration Low Impact Development to the City of Puyallup on Feb 11, 2010.

Puyallup, WA – The proposed development consists of 18 fee simple cottage lots along with free standing attached garages, guest parking, private roads and commonly maintained building exteriors, storm drainage and landscape areas. All portions of the site outside the fee simple cottage lots will be located in a single tract to be owned by the Home Owners Association. This is an innovative project that will require approval of a development agreement by the City Council to allow for variation of zoning and site development standards. The review and approval of this project by the City will assist the City in the formulation of possible new zoning regulations to govern future cottage projects.

Azure Green Consultants has developed a conceptual drainage plan that incorporates low impact storm water features that have been modified to work well with Puyallup valley soils and high local ground water. These features will include the importation of significant amounts of fill material that will be suitable for lateral ground water movement and treatment of storm water. The project is also proposed to utilize permeable pavement and rain gardens. Azure Green Consultants will be consulting with Curtis Hinman, Associate Professor with Washington State University Extension, to ensure the latest low impact storm water technology and practices are utilized for the project.

Austin Cina Architects are developing architectural plans for the cottage units that will make this a project people will be proud to live in and that will be a good example for future cottage projects in the City.

The site plan for this project was featured at the City of Puyallup Planning Commission Open House on Cottage Housing at 7:00 on February 10, 2010.

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