Codid-19 Update

Due to the newly updated policy regarding essential and non-essential businesses, all construction related business has been determined to be non-essential. This directly effects our survey crew and so we have decided to honor the work stoppage and allow our crew to stay home.

Surveying is already built for social distancing as it is outdoors and conducted by 1 – 2 individuals that require little to no contact with customers. So we are confident that as one of the last businesses to be effected by quarantine orders, it should be one of the first lines of business to return.

The rest of our office staff is still safely and happily working on your projects at home and we will continue to work with you to place you on our survey schedule for when we resume work.

Please continue to call with your land use questions as we are ready and available to help.

And as always, stay safe, and wash your hands.

Trevor Green

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