Jim has been with Azure Green Consultants, LLC since its formation. Jim is one of the owners of the Company and is also our Survey Department Manager. He has 12 years of experience in land use planning, site plan design, civil engineering design and surveying.

Past projects include both public and private sector work. Projects range in size from single family residences to large commercial and residential projects.

As Surveying Manager and owner at Azure Green, Jim’s responsibilities include helping set company goals and expectations, managing survey department personnel, scheduling survey department workloads, preparing survey crew field work, meeting with new and existing clients, land use planning and research, design and development, presentations, feasibility studies, administrative coordination with governmental jurisdictions and application processing to meet state and local regulations and codes.

Jim’s educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University in 1989.

He began his professional career with a short stop at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard where he worked in the Reactor Compartment Disposal Group. After one year, he was offered an opportunity to work for the Boeing Company on the B2 Bomber program. At Boeing, Jim worked in the factory helping resolve production difficulties and drafting detailed work instructions to fix errors made in the factory. Jim spent three years as part of the 777 team helping with the initial layout and design of the Boeing Frederickson plant and helping suppliers in Israel solve production problems and meet production schedules.

In June of 1995, Jim interviewed with Paul Green. Two weeks later, he was learning to draft in Terramodel and design road, storm, sewer and water systems from Paul. Jim worked in engineering until there became a Survey Manager vacancy. Jim was then asked to lead the survey team.

Jim’s father was in the Air Force when he was growing up and he was able to see many exciting places. After his father retired from the Air Force, the family settled in Puyallup. Jim has been a residence of Puyallup since 1979. He is married with two children, Madison and Nathan. His wife Chrystie is a second grade teacher in the Puyallup School District. They enjoy sports and travel in their leisure time.