Brian has been with Azure-Green Consultants since its formation in July of 2006. He has over 17 years of experience in geographic information systems, land use planning, land development and procurement of entitlements.

Brian has experience in both the regulatory requirements and financial requirements of Land Development. Working as an owner of both Azure Green Consultants and as a partner in numerous residential developments, Brian has a complete understanding of the land conversion process. His educational background in business and continued work in the Land Development field is a valued asset to our company.

Brian’s responsibilities have included development coordination, procurement of entitlements, feasibility and project management.
Starting in 2013 Brian has directed Azure Green’s 3d laser scanning services. Brian has received training in laser scanning from FARO technologies and completed laser scanning projects in support of Azure Green as well as outside consultants.

After graduating from Washington State University in 1996 Brian went to work with Paul in Puyallup Washington. He worked with many developers securing entitlements. Brian was responsible for introducing our team to mapping and GIS services. He completed applications for land use and followed up with appropriate agencies for review. During this time, he was a partner in many private residential developments throughout Pierce County.

Brian served on the board of directors or the Master Builders Association of Pierce County for two years. He also served on the South Hill Community Planning Board which was responsible for drafting Pierce County’s South Hill Community Plan.

Brian lives in Puyallup and is married to Karen. He and Karen enjoy golf and collecting dinosaur fossils.