Please sign our petition so we can expand shopping opportunities in Frederickson!

FRETOC, LLC is working diligently to expand shopping opportunities in Frederickson, Washington by developing the Frederickson Town Center. It is located at the northwest corner of 176th Street East and Canyon Road East, and our plan is for it to become central to the identity of Frederickson, living up to its name.

The current uses allowed in the CE zone, a portion of the Frederickson Town Center, does not allow commercial centers, grocery stores and many other retail facilities. The predominant allowed uses are light industrial in nature. The amendments proposed will change the zoning from CE to ES making the allowed uses retail in nature. It is vital to the development of a modern shopping center that the zoning support anchor tenants, around which, smaller business want to locate. Without the consumer traffic provided by a larger store, it will be difficult to attract the type of tenants we all want to locate in the Center.

We are calling on the citizens and business owners of Frederickson to sign our petition in support of the land use changes that are required to allow the project to move forward as a vibrant, modern shopping core that will support both residents and business, and make the area a more attractive place to live and to locate for new and existing employers.

Here are some examples of what we could accomplish if the zoning change can be approved.
( Examples are taken from projects completed by FRETOC partners ).










Compare that to the existing buildings in the current ECĀ zoning that we are limited to for the north 30 acres. These pictures were taken at 163rd St E. on the East side of Canyon Road.

street view 5

street view 6

street view 7

street view 8

street view 9

street view 10

street view 1

street view 2

street view 3

street view 4

We think you will agree that the Frederickson Town Center should be the central shopping area that Frederickson needs to make it more attractive to business, and livable for residents. The reality of zoning is that it is a wishlist of land uses that doesn’t always coincide with what makes sense for business. It often falls to local government to make adjustment so that what we think we want, doesn’t get in the way of what can actually happen. We believe that our proposal will only benefit Frederickson and hope that you agree and offer us your support by signing our petition. If you would like to leave comments in support, we will pass those along to the staff, planning commission and county council.

Please sign our petition so we can expand shopping opportunities in Frederickson!